Happpy Propose Day Special: How To Propose a Girl

By | February 4, 2016

best way to propose a girl, here we have the special collection of propose day 2016 and that is Happpy Propose Day Special How To Propose a Girl, the valentines week is the best time to propose a girl or a boy, and the propose day is the one of the best day of the valentines week it is a golden chance to fall in love. and here we have the many of best ways  for this Happpy Propose Day Special How To Propose a Girl

Happpy Propose Day Special: How To Propose a Girl

how to propose a girl

how to propose a girl

Do you know that I discovered a very interesting fact today? That a total of close to 4 lac Indian men and boys are searching (just on Google) for ways of, what is known (in India) as “proposing a girl”.* Now that’s quite some number.

So are you in love? Are you planning to propose to the girl of your dreams? For your benefit, in this post I’ve decided to share the most creative 10 ways of “proposing a girl”, i.e. letting a girl know of your romantic feelings for her.

But remember, before you propose a girl, you need to work through your inhibition, and also choose the best possible time to propose her.

That said, on with the list…

How To Propose a Girl

  1. The t-shirt proposal

    Get a plain white round-neck t-shirt printed with “Sheetal (or whoever), I love you. J” It’s even better to get creative with the t-shirt message. Wear it inside a jacket or shirt and go to work/college or wherever it is that you regularly meet your love-interest. Try to catch her alone and reveal your gift to her with a smile.

  2. The YouTube proposal

    Propose to her on video and post it on YouTube. Then send her a very serious sounding mail with the link, and it make it look as though it contains some work related information. You can imagine her reaction when she opens it! Here it’s important to be creative with the message on the video.

  3. The alarm proposal

    Get your hands on her cell phone. Set a reminder for 2 a.m. (i.e. sometime in the middle of the night when she’s sure to be asleep) which says, “Wake up Sheetal! Rahul loves you!”

  4. The super-dramatic alarm proposal

    If you want to be the drama king, don’t stop there. Set the reminder as, “Look inside your bag!” Put a piece of paper inside her bag saying, “Open you diary/biology classnotes copy.” Write your romantic message inside this diary/copy. (As you understand you can make this chain of actions as long as you want. Just don’t bore her enough to earn a rejection!)

  5. They key proposal

    Send a key to her home/dormitory by courier. Don’t give any explanation. After a few days send her a note saying, “Did you receive a key?” Then again after a few days send the final note saying, “The key you received is the key to my heart. I give it to you.-Rahul.” I bet she’ll be in tears! (Assuming you didn’t make a mistake choosing the girl!)

  6. The “boxed” proposal

    Send a gift-wrapped box to her home. Put another box inside the first one, and another inside the second one. This is the classic box-inside-box-inside-box proposal. Include as many boxes as you like (but again, like point #4, you know when to stop!), and inside the final one put a key, with a note saying, “I give you the key to my heart.” (Alert: Don’t forget to sign your name at the end!!)

Happpy Propose Day Special

best way to propose a girl

best way to propose a girl

Six answers given by a GIRL when she is proposed:

1) Nahi

2) Mujhe waqt chahiye

3) I have always seen you as a


4) I already have a boy friend!

5) We should concentrate on


6) Tum abhi tak mujhe jante kahan ho?

Yeh infatuation hai.

Six answers given by a BOY when he is proposed….

1 Yes

2 Yes

3 Yes

4 Yes

5 Yes

6 Yes

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